The goal of our foundation is to make highly unique lifesaving cardiology and heart surgical care available to all families, regardless of financial capabilities. This goal is accomplished through fundraising, donations and the research conducted by our partners.


Provide greater access to life-saving cardiac care for dogs and cats


To provide life-saving heart care to families, rescue and civic organizations while redefining procedures, technology and devices used to save dogs and cats.

Behind the Foundation: Bella and Sophie

Our beautiful black and white 7-year-old Shih Tzu was diagnosed with a heart murmur during her routine wellness visit. She was initially given 9-months to live. After exhaustive research, calling experts around the globe, we were lead to Dr. Augusta Pelosi. In working with Dr. Pelosi we realized we shared a common vision to bring world class cardiac management and open heart surgery to the Americas, and we spent nearly six years fine tuning our vision. In 2017, NAVHC and the NAVHC Foundation were opened.

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Working Hand in Hand With The Heart

The North American Veterinary Health Center Foundation’s (NAVHCF) goal is to provide critical financial support to the North American Veterinary
Health Center, allowing the hospital to deliver world-class heart care to dog and cat heart patients and their owners or rescue organizations.
Overseen by an independent Board of Directors, the mission of the Foundation is to empower NAVHC with the resources necessary to provide
the Americas with world class dog and cat heart care.

NAVHC will provide unparalleled cardiac care with a skilled team and class leading equipment. The NAVHCF will be an integral part of NAVHC’s
commitment to providing expanding access to world-class heart care for dogs and cats regardless of their owner’s financial ability.

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How are contributions used?

All philanthropic contributions raised will help support a wide variety of services at NAVHC. These services include everything from establishing
new high-tech treatment and research facilities to meeting global demand for advanced cardiac care and other critical health services.

Supporting these ongoing services at NAVHC will ultimately help accomplish our goal of making life-saving cardiac care accessible to dogs and
cats across the Americas.

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